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Groomadog On-campus School

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Ridgeway. SC 29130
Phone: 803.920.5629
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Groomer's Assistant Course
Groomer's Assistant Course
This is a very in-depth course that will get you started in the grooming industry. You will receive a certificate of groomer's assistance with 100 hours. You will have grooming familiarity that will be a powerful tool to an enhanced pay scale. You'll learn line brushing, blowing dry, de-matting, ears, toe nails, sanitary clips, time managementÖ  ($75 Application Fee Included )This course is included in the Extensive course and if you decide to take the Extensive All breed Course within 5 weeks from enrolling into this one, the price will be deducted from the Extensive Course. This is a very rewarding opportunity to work with animals and have the knowledge to obtain the position you want with a higher earning potential than an apprentice. Donít consider a shop that claims to teach you how to groom while you are their bather. Groomadog Academy knows the time it takes to properly teach you to groom and it cannot be done while you are running a shop. As a groomer's assistant you will be able to finish just-bath dogs that the groomer will never have to touch, generating more money and time for the shop. You should be able to land a position that pays a little better than minimum wage maybe even plus commission. We also offer this course in the residence Comprehensive Course for $999.00 three weeks. More info
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