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Phone: 803.920.5629
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Groomers, Want to get certificate of hours?
Groomers, Want to get certificate of hours?
Are you a dog groomer? Do you wish you had the self-assurance to charge more for your work? You know you are good but you donít feel the confidence to set patterns or go to competitions?  ($75 Application Fee Included ) 340 Hours You may have been self taught or taught by a groomer but you still lack the confidence that you are as good as you can be. Where do you put the face lines on a schnauzer? How can I do 12 dogs a day? I need to learn hand scissor. Why isnít my shop getting more clients? You will be taking the same course as the beginners take but you will breeze through in no time. If you take the time to read the book and watch the detail of the videos you will learn so much you will wonder what took you so long to take the course. You will finish with the confidence you need to compete, charge extra, and feel pride in what you do. Get on the bulletin board with other students and graduates and be apart of the Groomadog Academy family. Kathy owns Thrudreamin' Enterprises, a business consultant firm for groomers. They open grooming shops all over the United States. They go on location in dog grooming shops to enhance the performance of the groomers and improve the bottom line of business in the shop.
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