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The Study of Master Grooming
The Study of Master Grooming
Add 360 hours to your present school hours. Now accepting any school's certificate to allow you to enter into this course. The study of master grooming not only gives you the credibility of a master groomer but also gives you the knowledge to breeze through NDGAA testing and many other grooming association testing.  ($75 Application Fee Included ) Learn the standards set by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. We will give you seven 100 question multiple choice open book test. You will have to groom as many dogs as it takes to pass 4 of them to National Standards. NOT YOUR STANDARDS but what they will look for if you want to certify through them. There are many groomers associations that you can join. NDGAA has been in force since 1969. All of them have the same grooming standards. First you will be asked to send in an evaluation groom. Then you will be told what to study. The first written test will be given to you as an example. We will work mostly on your poodle, cocker(or sporting breed), schnauzer(or long legged terrier breed) and scottie (or short legged terrier breed). One on one consultation is available either your location or ours. Three day one-on-one can be obtained either at your location or at Groomadog Academyís grooming room. Call for more details. Prepare yourself for the licensure that is sure to come in the future. Compete and earn a spot in the US Groom Team. Travel abroad!
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