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Residential Dog Grooming School Option Visit:
Groomadog On-campus School

Contact Us:
Ridgeway. SC 29130
Phone: 803.920.5629
Fax: 803.786.2023
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Question: What is certificate verses diploma?
The regulations of the Commission of Higher Education limit the awarding of diplomas for programs that include general education of a total of at least 120 clock hours in math, english, and psychology. Schools that offer programs of 20 to 600 hours of training, and do not include general education components, are limited to awarding Certificates of Completion. That makes Groomadog Academy a Certificate course. Yes, you will be a certified professional groomer. We are a licensed school. Anyone can generate a certificate in their computer and give you a certificate, but who licensed them to license you???
Question: I am confused! I want a financing application. Where is it on web-site?
All you have to do is enroll with a $400.00 dollar payment which is one of three payments.
Question: Please outline the 1-2-3 process of enrolling!
1.Make payment by computer or call. 2.Sign and mail student contract,(email and request one)along with a copy of your picture ID. 3.If you choose to buy a tool kit call or order online.
Question: Can I see your credentials?
Master Groomer Certificaton (National Dog Groomers Association)
Non-Sporting Dog Groomer Certification (National Dog Groomers Association)
License for Groomadog Academy (South Carolina Commission on Higher Education)

If you would like to find out more about Groomadog Academy or have questions about the services we offer please fill out the form on the left or contact us at:
Groomadog Academy
Po Box 788
Ridgeway SC 29130
Cell 803-920-5629 Instructors/Councilors mobile
After hours 803-337-3534 Evenings and weekends
Toll Free 866-810-DOGS (3647) 8:00 to 5:00 M-F
Fax 803-337-8265

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