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Phone: 803.920.5629
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Licensed Dog Grooming Correspondence Courses

Hi Kathy! Wow that was fun. I am so glad I chose Groomadog Academy when I decided to learn grooming. The support was wonderful. This was a big change in my life, and I am so glad I went for it. Thanks for everything.

instantly they were booked up and loving it! Certified through “Groom a Dog” they practiced by volunteering at local shelters, grooming dogs for adoption. I wouldn't change anything about the course. It's very informative, and Kathy is very helpful. I love the fact that Kathy actually answers the phone when I call; I don't have to wait long for feedback on my pictures and Kathy is very positive.
Joan Grandizio
Joan Grandizio
Went to the dog grooming seminar in Florida. I am so thankful for you Kathy. After talking to some other groomers since I graduated and listening to them describe their grooming procedures, I realized how lucky I am that I was trained correctly. I now have my own shop with a great clientele. Most of my clients came from referrals. It makes a big difference when you are trained by the BEST OF THE BEST.
Elizabeth Bryant
Elizabeth Bryant

Kathy’s training clearly reveals her teacher skills. The plan she has put together is focused and consistent. I’m so glad to have taken her course. I could say so much more. I KNOW God led me to her website when we were living in Gillette, Wyoming. I was not lucky – it was a blessing!

Hi, Kathy; this is my picture. I am so happy because I got my diploma. It is giving me self-confidence, and also my clients are more confident bringing me their pets. I learned so much from your course. It is wonderful, and I am looking forward the next step. Could you please sent to me information about the master course? God bless you.
Consuelo Perez.
Aristopet Grooming & Supplies
Consuelo Perez

I got my certificate today. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Years ago I attended the Gemological Institute of America and received a certificate for taking the Diamonds course. The certificate from your school is nicer than that one and is at least as nice as my high school diploma. i will hang it proudly along with my oath. Thank you, thank you!!! Please tell me about "The Study of Master Grooming" course. Once I leave my job and before we move to Biloxi and open a shop, I have decided to dedicate that time to learning whatever I can and improving my skills as an all breed groomer. Your next course sounds perfect for me if you think I am ready for it. Thank you again and again,


Dear Kathy, I wanted to let you know that I have been having a great time with the Groomadog Correspondence Course. The videos and lessons have exceeded my expectations. The videos are an excellent educational tool. As I progress through the course, I find myself referring back to previous videos to review a particular technique or haircut and find I learn something new each time. The most valuable tool has been corresponding with you using the toll free number. It is reassuring to have a knowledgeable and supportive instructor available whenever I have a new dog on the table. Questions about animal behavior, technique and equipment always come up for me as a beginner and it is great to have a reliable resource to answer questions. In all of our conversations you have been extremely encouraging, which has given me the confidence to approach each lesson as a positive learning experience. I appreciate your efforts to help me become successful as a dog groomer. Warmest regards,
Shannon Powell
Shannon Powell

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